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Promoting Technology Enabled Care (TEC) using Digital Innovation & NHS Mail Facilitation

The Digital Innovation Centre is engaged in some exciting work in the Health & Social Care Sector with a focus on promoting Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and Digital Innovation. DigiRehab is particularly interesting, as it leverages AI to create personalised 12-week exercise programs aimed at improving health outcomes for individuals. Providing such tailored solutions can indeed be beneficial, especially in addressing issues like frailty, mobility, and risk of falling among certain populations.

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In Person



Girl using Virtual Reality for healthcare training

"If the tech doesn't help, then we're not interested" - Kent Messenger (2022)

The Digital Innovation Centre strives to be at the forefront for training across the Health & Social care sectors. Our passion for teaching, combined with state of the art technology allows us to gain an insight as to what the future of learning could look like.

What We Offer

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Can't make it in person? No problem! Our digital set up allows us to deliver our industry changing training to you straight to your electronic device!  Click here to view our upcoming events and look out for our virtual options!

Our flagship training centre is in Hawkinge, Kent and is easily accessible through Car and Public Transport. We have lifelike Simulation Mankins and Virtual Reality headsets which can be used to enhance our training offer. Click here to find out more about our training centre.

We are proud to host eLearning on topics including ESTHER & RESTORE 2. To find out more, click here.

Upcoming Events

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

One of our directors says "Collaboration, not competition equals creativity".  With this we believe that we can offer a stronger training package across Kent & Medway when working with  specialised organisations.

Below are just some of the people we have worked with:


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"Clearly at the vanguard of incorporating digital technology into care homes and are a national exemplar in using technology to increase quality, experience & outcomes"

Dr Tim Ferris

NHS E&I National Director for Transformation

We see great value in the work that you are doing, especially in social care.

Patrick Mitchell

HEE National Director of Innovation, Digital and Transformation​

"There are real synergies to the approach that you are taking and what we are doing at the national level around realising the benefits of XR and also in terms of addressing challenges in rural settings."

Neil Ralph

NHS England Head of Technology Enhanced Learning

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