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The Mission

Our Digital Innovation Centre has been designed to offer cost effective

learning in a buzzy innovative environment and we are pleased to focus

in this brochure on how we can meet the training needs of the Care Sector.

We are excited to offer modern facilities that are seldom available to this

sector including simulation where skills can be practiced in a safe, stress

free environment using state of the art mannequins. Participants will

have the opportunity of experiencing what it feels like to be the person

with different conditions using our ultramodern Virtual Reality headsets.

Our courses are very interactive to make the courses interesting, reflective and ensure that the learning has been fully understood. The courses are delivered by our high-quality simulation team with input from clinicians and experts. Certificates will be issued at the end of the sessions.


We really look forward to welcoming you to our Digital Innovation Centre – please explore the website and get in touch to see how we can transform this industry together.

Dr Robert Stewart & Anne Tidmarsh

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

One of our directors says "Collaboration, not competition equals creativity".  With this we believe that we can offer a stronger training package across Kent & Medway when working with  specialised organisations.

Below are just some of the people we have worked with:

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