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NHS Mail E-Learning

NHS Mail Materials

NHS Mail - 1

NHS Mail Flyer

Download our NHS Mail flyer here

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NHS Mail - 3

Contacting the NHS Mail Helpdesk

Learn how to contact the NHS Mail Helpdesk by downloading this document!

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NHS Mail - 5

User Guide for Using Shared Mailbox Features

Download our guide on shared mailbox features here!

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NHS Mail - 7

NHS Mail Care Provider User Guide

Download our NHS Mail Care Provider User Guide here!

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NHS Mail - 9

How to Give More Staff NHS Email Accounts

Download our guide on How To Give More Staf NHS Email Accounts here!

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NHS Mail - 2

NHS Mail Project


Download our NHS Mail Project Infographic here!

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NHS Mail - 4

How to Add Users to Your Shared Mailbox

Learn how to add users to your shared mailbox by downloading this document!

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NHS Mail - 6

NHS Mail User Guide for Care Providers

Download our NHS Mail User Guide for Care Providers here!

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NHS Mail - 8

How to Reset Your Password

Download our guide on how to reset your password here!

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