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The ESTHER model is global, originates from Sweden and promotes better care through empowerment. ESTHER is a generic name for anyone receiving care. The ESTHER vision is that: ESTHER experiences confidence and independence, supported by a strong network. ​

Working with the ESTHER model we ask ‘what matters to you?’ ​

​Over 4000 people in Kent and Medway have become ​ ESTHER Ambassadors, all promoting ‘what matters to ​ESTHER’ and ‘what is important to ESTHER’.  ​

About 250 people in Kent and Medway have become ​ESTHER Coaches, improving quality, their person-centred practice ​and working in co-production with ESTHER.​

ESTHER Cafés are a unique opportunity to listen to ESTHER, work in partnership and make improvements across the system.

To become an ESTHER Ambassador, you can complete our e-learning by clicking the button below: 

Once an ESTHER Ambassador you are eligible to attend our ESTHER Coach training which runs throughout the year.

Click here to view upcoming sessions, if there are no spaces available send us an email using the following address:

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