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The Digital Innovation Studio is equipped with some of the best technology on the market. Our interactive technology and equipment gives your audience and user experience more innovative ways to participate, focus and develop.

  • 2 Tabletop microphones and lapel mic.

  • 4 “Mic Balls” - excellent for audience participation and

  • Q&A sessions, easy to clean and a fun audience experience.

  • Ceiling mounted 360 degree camera.

  • 96” Interactive TV and Presenter screen.

  • 3 Interactive Air Media Television screens on adjustable

  • wall mounted frames.

  • Electronic standing desk for presenter(s).

  • Configure tables and chairs to suit your event.

  • Audience can be extended to the Forum area where

  • they can view event from studio on the 96” TV in Forum.

  • Ceiling mounted speakers throughout Studio and Forum.

  • Audience capacity up to 30 people.*

  • Crestron Panel - easily operate lighting, camera, sound

  • and interactive TV’s from Crestron AV panel.

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